FAQKelli Dickson

Frequently Asked Questions

-What is the rental fee for Sweet Water Barns and what does that include?

Please click here to view a layout of our pricing and what it includes.

-Is there a deposit? When are the additional payments due?

Yes. When the contract is signed, to continue holding the date, we will require a $500 non-refundable deposit which will go toward your rental fee. Six months prior to the event 50% of the remaining fee will be due. The final installment will be required 30 days prior to the event. We also reserve the right to request a credit card on file for any damages to the facility grounds.

-What is the building capacity?

Our chapel barn can seat up to 300 people while the reception Barn can comfortably hold 200 guests with the ability to flow outside seating as well. We will have enough tables and seats to hold 100 guests outside in addition to the indoor seating of 200 guests.

-How can we utilize the barns?

Sweet Water Barns has a variety of situations to fill your wedding needs.

The Chapel Barn is a 40×60’ barn which gives you an old fashioned barn atmosphere with country chic charm. The vintage pew style seating allows seating for up to 300 guests.

Seating within the 40×90’ reception barn allows for 175 comfortably. Our reception barn provides the good ol’ “barn dance” feeling. Kitchen facilities and full service restrooms make this country event enjoyable. Kitchen facilities include hot/cold running water, coolers, and freezers for ice storage.

We also allow wedding ceremonies to take place under God’s greatest canopy, the wide open sky. Weddings can be held outdoors in the field behind our reception barn. Sweet Water Barns provides a beautiful, massive 12’ cedar cross which makes for a beautiful back drop in the full beauty of Mother Nature. Outdoor ceremony seats up to 300 people.

-Will there be another wedding the same day?

At Sweet Water Barns we are currently only hosting one wedding per weekend to ensure the couple’s event is special and very memorable.

-Are there overnight accommodations nearby?

There are overnight accommodations within 25 minutes in several different directions. Please click here to view a list of some of the nearby accommodations.

-Do we have to use the caterer, DJ, baker, photographer, etc. that you choose?

At Sweet Water Barns we want to give you the flexibility to pick all of your favorite things for your big day. We will happily make recommendations for any service providers upon request. Please click here for our preferred vendors list.

-How will the tables, chairs, etc. be arranged for my sized event?

We have our suggestions regarding how best to arrange the tables and chairs in order to hold the largest capacity but will work to accommodate your needs.

-Will we be able to access the venue early to decorate and to rehearse our ceremony?

Yes, we at Sweet Water Barns feel that in order to make this event special and so as to provide ample time for you to prepare so that your event can run smoothly; we offer our facility for 3 days so that family and friends can enjoy the decorating and planning and there is plenty of time for the rehearsal of this prized occasion.

-What is the event clean-up process?

Sweet Water Barns will handle all standard clean up and trash removal throughout and following the wedding reception.   We ask that the wedding party remove all personal items at the end of the event on the wedding night.

-Can we have fireworks on the property?

We do allow fireworks as long as there is no burn ban or we do not feel that it is too dry.

-Can we take photos around the farm on our wedding day?

Photos are a must!! We ask that you POST them and LIKE them and please give Sweet Water Barns a good review as you do.

-How many cars will your parking area hold?

Our parking area can accommodate 175 vehicles.

-Can vehicles be left overnight?

Vehicles may be left overnight as long as they are picked up no later than 2:00 pm the day following your wedding.

-Will music need to be reduced at any time?

We ask that the volume of your music be reduced by 11:00 pm so that you can begin to wrap up your event and have guests off the venue by midnight… and as courtesy to all the animals in the forest.

-Can we nail decorations to the walls or hang things like streamers or lanterns?

Nails and hanging equipment have already been placed in the walls in order to provide you with fun space to hang your pictures and decorations. We request that no holes are placed in the walls for your decorating purposes.

-Do you have an onsite kitchen?

Our kitchen facilities include hot/cold running water, coolers, and freezers for ice storage.

At this time we do not have an onsite kitchen. Please let your caterers know that the food will need to arrive hot or provide their own heating source.

-Are trash cans and trash bags provided?

Yes. Sweet Water Barns will provide trash bags and will empty trash cans as needed during the ceremony and reception. Trash cans will also be provided at the rehearsal dinner but it will be the responsibility of the couple to clean up and remove any trash.

Do you provide table linens, cups, silverware, etc.?

Sweet Water Barns supplies white linen table cloths and burlap table runners if desired.   Please bring all other linens and supplies with you or request that your caterer provide them.

-At what time do all of our guests need to be off of the premises?

We ask that all guests and vendors be off the property no later than midnight. It is the responsibility of the contracted party to ensure all guests are off the property by this time. 

-We are using a rental company. Can they drop items off or pick them up outside of the rental period?

Yes, but we prefer no deliveries or pickups on Sunday. We will require a schedule of your rental company’s drop off and pick up times.

 –What type of restrooms are provided for our guests?

We have full service restroom facilities for both wedding party and guests.

-Is there a dressing room on site for the bridal party to utilize before and during the ceremony and reception?

Yes, we provide air conditioned dressing room facilities for the groom and groomsmen as well as a 12×20 bride and bridesmaids dressing room facility with good lighting and lots of mirrors!

-Are your barns air conditioned?

Our reception barn is currently air conditioned. At this time, the ceremony barn is not. We do utilize fans.

-Are your barns heated?

Our reception barn is currently the only barn that is heated.

-Is alcohol allowed on your venue?

We allow beer and wine only to be served at Sweet Water Barns. No hard spirits will be allowed on the venue. There is a designated bar area which can be used to serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages alike. While water and other types of non-alcoholic beverages can be dispensed in other containers throughout the venue, all alcohol must be served from behind the bar and by the designated bartender(s) of your choosing. The bartender(s) do not have to be licensed but must be 21 or older and Sweet Water Barns does not tolerate underage drinking of any kind. Sweet Water Barns does not allow BYOB events in which guests of the Renter(s) bring their own alcoholic beverages. We ask that all guests respect our facilities. Sweet Water Barns reserves the right to end the reception in the event of extreme drunk and disorderly behavior and/or underage consumption without providing a refund on the venue’s rental cost.

-Is smoking allowed at your venue?

Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas. We ask that butts kindly be placed in designated containers and not on the ground.

-Can we get married somewhere else on the farm other than in the barns or in the field behind the barn?

We feel that we have selected the most charming and accessible location for an outdoor ceremony on our farm. All ceremonies must be held either at our chosen outside location, inside the ceremony barn, or at another church/venue of your choosing offsite.

-Are candles allowed?

Yes, candles are allowed as long as the flame is completely contained in a candle holder. Tapered candles and any type of hanging candles will not be allowed for safety reasons.

-What happens in case of rain?

In case of rain, your outdoor ceremony will be moved into the chapel barn. If you anticipate that your event will include more than 175 guests, we recommend that you rent a small tent in order to cover any outdoor reception seating that you were anticipating.

-We plan to have our ceremony offsite. Does your fee change?

Because we only host one event per weekend, our fee structure remains the same whether you hold your ceremony, reception, or both onsite.